The Propulsion football boots from Joma are designed for professionals who are looking for maximum lightness and the best fit. Each element has been created with the latest technology and weighs 208 gr.208 gr.The upper is made of high quality water repellent microfiber, so it does not retain water and manages to keep its original lightness. Constructed with inner nylon with a tensile strength of 800N/50 mm in weft and 600N/50 mm in warp.The insole is made of pre-moulded EVA adjusted to the shape of the foot.The sole is made of high quality nylon with DIN-40 abrasion. The lightest sole of Joma designed for elite football, it features a weight of only 52 gr. UNIQUE is made with two densities that allow torsion and flexion where the foot requires it, avoiding deformations and possible injuries to players. It has an external counter to support the heel.