Women’s short leggings for trail running. These stretch leggings fit the runner’s body like a second skin. With flat seams to prevent chafing on the skin and maximise comfort. Ideal for both training and competition.

These leggings feature an elastic tulle layer on the inside of the waistband for a better fit at the waist. On the back, they incorporate a small pocket with elastic closure to transport essentials conveniently and securely. This location is the least bothersome when running. Likewise, the seams are flat to say goodbye to irritations when running. They have been incorporated throughout the garment with Flatlock technology. The goal: to optimise comfort for the runner.

These leggings are made of an elastic and ergonomic fabric, which offers freedom of movement and a fantastic fit. They are also highly resistant and breathable, as they help to evacuate sweat, keeping the body of the runner cool and dry at all times. They feature an aesthetic mesh grid piece on the left leg, a very lightweight fabric that does not add extra weight.

They also feature reflective details that increase the athlete’s visibility. The Joma logo and custom print of the Joma HQ coordinates are visible in the dark, which increases the athlete’s safety when running at night.