Men’s shorts. Model designed for racket sports, such as tennis and padel tennis. Take your movement to another level with these tennis shorts. The ultra lightweight, elasticated and breathable fabric offers maximum comfort. Incorporates the latest technology in these sports so the tennis player enjoys high performance.

The elasticated waist fits the shorts to the player’s waist, while the flat drawstrings adjust the fit in this area. In addition, there is an elastic piece incorporated into the groin area which enables you to move with complete freedom. The slit in the hem increases mobility and the length of the stride to reach the ball without any restrictions.

On the other hand, they incorporate special pockets to store the padel ball without losing a single point. The player won’t need to worry about it escaping, since they have been designed specifically to be able to move without the ball falling out. The bottom of these pockets is made in a special fabric which, as you slid your hand on top, absorbs sweat and dries. Immediately afterwards, the player once again can get a strong and secure grip on the racket.

Equally, the hem is laser cut and finished with heat-sealed seams to prevent discomfort and irritations caused by skin chafing. When the hem rubs the skin during movement, it won’t affect the tennis player’s comfort.