Unisex raincoat. Model for all ages. It is a comfortable and practical waterproof jacket to facilitate travel and sports activities in cold, rainy or windy weather. Get maximum insulation against water leaks without sacrificing sweat transpiration. It includes a full-zip closure and a lockable handle, which prevents the zipper from opening and, therefore, water from entering. The self-storing hood can be stowed away in the zippered neck pocket. This hood is adjustable by means of cords, in this way the protection against the wind, the cold and the rain will be optimal and more comfortable. It also has pockets to safely store small objects, adjustable cuff with elastic for a better fit and thus prevent the entry of water or cold. It is made with lightweight and water resistant fabric. In the areas with the most sweating, it incorporates Micro-Mesh technology to improve perspiration and increase ventilation, helping to maintain body temperature and avoiding bad odours.